Management Team

Chris Mellon   (CEO-US Office)

As the Chief Executive Officer for TwinApple Inc. USA, Chris manages and optimizes the operations of the businesses and manages our external stakeholder relationships, while continuously looking for and capitalizing on new market opportunities.

Md. Imtiaz Bin Quasem   (CEO-Malaysia Office)

As the Chief Executive Officer for TwinApple (SDN BHD) – Malaysia, Quasem manages all  Product at TwinApple. He is a leading expert on web products with over 20 years of industry experience. Quasem is dedicated to leveraging his insight and experience to accelerating TwinApple’s product capabilities to better meet the ever-evolving needs our customers.

David Scott- SVP, Market Strategy

As Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at TwinApple Inc. USA , Scott has spent his entire career in content management, covering various elements of the industry including capture, archival, storage, document and records management and Enterprise Content Management.

Camellia Abraham – SVP, Global Sales & Customer Success

As Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Customer Success, Joan is responsible for leading TwinApple Inc. towards meeting global sales targets as well as ensuring excellent customer experiences.

Sarah Katrine – VP, Customer Operations

As VP, Customer Operations, Kathryn oversees TwinApple’s global Professional Services (specially Malaysia)  and Support teams, providing leadership that guides our corporate transformation and growth.